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How many switches does it take?

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Apple based its strategy to increase market share on the Switch concept. In fact, since Mac Os X was released, Steve Jobs has decided to give a strong acceleration to the business of the Cupertino company, making it more aggressive than ever towards PC users. The market that Apple must conquer if it wants to ensure survival.

After the MacWorld in San Francisco, another reflection can also be attempted. There is not only one vital Switch for Apple, but three and a half.

The second for Linux users, who are a significant number. According to various analyzes, within a year the Penguin could become the second consumer operating system after Windows, undermining Apple from its historical position.

The third for Os 9 users. Many, very many still use Mac Os 9 exclusively or mainly: because they are used to it, because they cannot find the necessary applications or drivers for some peripherals, because their Macs are not supported by Mac Os X

Finally, there is a half category to consider: those who have adopted Mac Os X, have updated it to 10.1 and have no intention of buying Jaguar.

Steve Jobs constantly referred to Jaguar and the "good reasons" to buy it: more and more applications, more and more features, incompatibility of new software even with Os X, end of the possibility of starting in Os 9 with new machines.

It takes something more. Apple's corporate mission to innovate, as Jobs says. But it must also communicate, tirelessly, not only to PC users. Even the most conservative Linux and Mac users. Giving everyone excellent reasons to make Switch.