How iPASTORE works? Video YourLifeUpdated Review

How iPASTORE works? Video YourLifeUpdated Review


How did PASTORE work? ConiPASTORE you can download free applications, programs and games for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Free iPhone, iPod, iPad app download conPASTORE | Video Review

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Free download iOS app with iPASTORE | Full review

IMPORTANT: in this article I propose the review of the iPASTORE service. It is a simple review, a test to understand how PASTORE works and if this service is reliable. I can't tell you if this paid service is legal or not. I made the video just to understand what PASTORE offers and what you get in exchange for the 16 subscription. If you decide to use iPASTORE, do it at your own risk, assuming all the responsibilities of the case. Intrigued by the promotions of PASTORE, I decided to try to buy the subscription to understand if the promises were actually kept. In no way is piracy incited: a review of a service that I purchased at my expense is simply proposed, driven by curiosity and the desire to understand seiPASTORE was a scam or not.

Today I propose the complete review of the service iPASTORE. This service, at the price of 16 per year, allows to download and install all the applications you want on iPhone, iPod and iPad, including paid ones, completely free of charge.

Download free applications for iPhone, iPod and iPad with PASTORE

I have known the iPASTORE service for several months, but honestly I have always had some doubts about this tool. cos I decided to try to purchase a one-year subscription to personally test the iPASTORE service and see how it actually works. Well, I assure you that I was pleasantly surprised: iPASTORE a real bomb!

What iPASTORE? How did PASTORE work? IPASTORE reliable?

Upon payment of 16 annual payments (payment made through PayPal), the service will allow you to download for free all the applications that are present on the Apple App Store, directly on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

iPASTORE: download paid applications for free

Use iPASTORE to have free apps on iOS very easy is you don't even need Jailbreak. Or rather, Jailbreak simplifies things a bit and allows you to also download Cydia's tweaks for free, but not essential.

Once you have it paid the annual pass to PASTORE, you will need to download and install the app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The app is very easy to use and it works a bit like the Apple App Store: you need to start the app and look for the program you want to download to your device. As I said,iPASTORE well stocked and inside you will find all the apps that are normally available on the App Store, with the difference that here you can download them for free, even if they are normally paid.

Free apps for iPhone, iPod, iPad

Once the search has started, you just have to press the "install“: In a few moments the download of the program will start, which will be downloaded as fast as possible directly to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Once the download is complete, all you have to do is start the app and start using it. Nothing could be simpler.

Using iPASTORE, therefore, very easy and certainly within the reach of all users. As I said, to date in my opinion pastor the best method to download free apps and programs for iOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad.All the programs found on the Apple App Store are present on the diPASTORE servers, but from here you can download everything for free, without paying anything (apart from the annual subscription of 16).

Differences between PastASTORE and AppCake: what changes? Which better?

iPASTORE works ap like AppCake, with the difference that the AppCake applications are "loaded" on external servers and rely on file hosting services that offer slow and full of advertising downloads. ConiPASTORE, on the other hand, you can download free programs and apps for iOS in an easy, fast and intuitive way, without having to go through iTunes.

In short, iPASTORE and AppCake work in a similar way, but, you are also paid for PASTORE (while AppCake is free), iPASTORE offers you a much faster service, does not show advertising and works much better. In my opinion it is worth buying the paid service to have many more advantages.

To better explain the operation of iPASTORE, I made a video in which I illustrate all the steps, even if, as I have already anticipated, use iPASTORE so easy that you don't need a guide.

In my opinion, iPASTORE is a very valid service. I have a one-year subscription, but I will definitely renew it when it expires: for the price of 2 iPad games, I have the opportunity to download all the apps and programs on the App Store for free. Not bad!

I leave you with the video. For doubts or questions do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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