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How does TomTom Android work?

TomTom Navigazione e Traffico

More and more users are downloading the application on their Android smartphone TomTom Navigation and Traffic instead of buying the satnav. Therefore, today's article does not want to be a real guide to answer the question "TomTom Android how it works? ”, But a simple review of this category application travel and local info.

Regarding the use of TomTom Navigation and Traffic we just say two things: the first that the developer designed this application with the aim of transforming all Android mobile devices equipped with GPS into car navigators, perfectly capable of working even off-line. In this way, as a user, you can take advantage of maps, voice prompts and traffic flow smoothly; the second that the installation (45 MB) on Android versions 4.0.3 and above s free, but there is a limit of 250 km with a bonus of 75 km per month. Once you cross the threshold, you must sign up for a paid subscription: 3.99 euros on a monthly basis, 19.99 euros on an annual basis and 44.99 euros on a three-year basis.

Without these two opportune clarifications, let's go and see TomTom Android how it works.

STEP 1: connect to the Play Store and download for free TomTom Navigation and Traffic. Once the installation is complete, start the application and wait for the seconds necessary to communicate with the remote servers.

STEP 2: push the button Start now and, if you deem it appropriate, take a look at the main functions of TomTom Android. Then operate the GPS on the device and access the maps.

STEP 3: to download the maps click on Download and select Italy. If you travel abroad often, you can also choose those from other countries or larger geographical areas (Europe, the United States, etc.). Wait patiently for the end of operations. Keep in mind that the maps of Italy exceed 700 MB.

STEP 4: the moment you finish downloading maps, press on Ok and connected to the homescreen of TomTom Navigation and Traffic. Press the button S, in order to authorize the GPS to detect your position. From this point you can start using your Android smartphone as a car navigator.

TomTom Android how it works

STEP 5: select the destination and press the blue button in order to display the route shorter to reach the goal. Also on the map, you are shown the points of interest nearby, the Speed ​​Cameras, i parking lots and the service stations. It is important to activate the various functions every time from the menu of the application in question.

STEP 6: in reference to the topic TomTom Android how it works, you can not help memorizing on the map the locations of the most important places for you (home, gym, school, office, etc.). How you do it? Hold your finger lightly on the display and press the button . At this point, directly from the pop-up menu, select the item Add to My Positions. If you deem it appropriate, you can take advantage of the 3D mapsby pressing the arrow icon, located on the left.

STEP 7Finally, if you wish to download other maps to your device, simply call up the menu TomTom Navigation and Traffic, Press the button and finally select the item Maps from the gear icon.

Learning TomTom Android how it works, you will transform your smartphone into a real portable satellite navigator.

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