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House of Marley announces the new collection of sound systems

House of Marley annuncia la nuova collezione di sistemi audio

House of Marley announces the arrival in Italy of its new collection of audio products based on the spirit and philosophy of the great singer Reggae. The range, which from September, will also be enriched with products, Bluetooth as always characterized by original and trendy models in shapes and colors and fabrics in the name of recycling materials and sustainability. In particular, the innovative upcycled REWIND fabric held exclusively by House of Marley composed of recovered hemp and organic cotton, combined with fibers obtained from recycled water bottles (recycled PET) and finished using water-based dyes and biodegradable TPU coating, for greater durability and wear resistance.

The following are the characteristics of the new MARLEY 2013 models:


Rise Up Over-Ear Headphones (159.90)The Rise Up headphones, made with earth-friendly materials such as the REWIND fabric of the coating, give a retro-style look in an aviator style. They have been created to guarantee sound quality and comfort and are characterized by a unique design that allows you to express yourself in style, listening to your favorite music.

marley laughed upRise Up over-ear headphones

Harambe on-ear headphones (59.90)Made with earth-friendly materials, the Harambe headphones are characterized by a thin and practical design that gives a unique look without neglecting the audio performance. It allows you to express yourself best thanks to the variety of colors available and perfect for every use: on the road with friends, in total relaxation, at home or on the ski slopes.

Buffalo Soldier on-ear headphones (99,90)The Buffalo Soldier headphones, with a light and unmistakable design, are made of wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and are equipped with ear pads covered in soft leather for an incredible sound performance.

Positive Vibration on-ear headphones (starting at 49.90)The Positive Vibration headphones, made of REWIND fabric and equipped with aluminum pavilions, have been designed to offer a high level of comfort and an excellent sound experience. Their timeless look allows you to express your style at best, thanks also to the new Mist and Pulse colors.

Liberate on-ear headphones (99,90)Liberate headphones, made of stainless steel, thanks to their minimal and modern design, give a trendy look and guarantee a clear sound thanks to the high-performance driver they are equipped with. Like all MARLEY headphones, they are made of earth-friendly materials such as FSC certified wood.

Legend In-Ear Earphones (229.90)The Legend earphones are made of lightened aluminum and FSC certified wood and thanks to their balanced and thin structure they give a sophisticated look. They have also been specially designed to offer maximum performance at the deepest basses and offer the best sound performance in the category.

Uplift in-ear headphones (starting at 29.90)Characterized by a linear look, the Uplift earphones have been made of certified wood and machined aluminum and offer superior sound performances.