Honor 8: how to improve the camera with a Mod

Honor 8: how to improve the camera with a Mod

Huawei Honor 8 undoubtedly one of the most interesting "Made in China" Android smartphones in circulation right now, thanks especially to its value for money. Despite the fact that it is a very advanced device, someone managed to improve its features even more. More precisely, a user of the well-known XDA forum managed to achieve a particularMod able to increase the quality of the Honor 8 camera.

UnaMod able to enhance the Honor 8 camera

Honor 8 a smartphone equipped with a camera from 12 megapixels, able to take good quality photos with a resolution of 3968 x 2976 pixel and to record video in fullHD. It deals with the card of a sensor that is certainly very interesting, but which does not always manage to guarantee high-level shots, perhaps due to a not high software optimization. honor 8Someone thought well therefore to take full advantage of its characteristics by designing a particular Mod, with which we will be able to make the following improvements:

  • the quality of JPEG compression was set to 100%;
  • increased image buffer;
  • increased bitrates of video recordings;
  • improved the conversion between the black and white sensor and the color one;
  • greater percentage of details from the black and white sensor added in the melting matrix;
  • greater flow of information from the color sensor in the fusion matrix;
  • better management of ISO settings;
  • better performance in poor light conditions;
  • lower noise with low ISO;
  • more aggressive management of higher ISOs;
  • capture of extra frames in HDR mode.

There Mod, designed by an XDA user, works both on Andorid Marshmallow and on Nougat and needs the root permissions is custom recovery to be installed. Obviously, we always recommend making a first backup device data.

You can download the Modsimplyby clicking on this address. After that, restart your smartphone and you will have yours Honor 8 with enhanced camera ready to use.