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HomeRF, it's the end

The defeat of HomeRF, WiFi's concurrent wireless system, was in fact but now also formalized and certified: the group that supported its development and implementation dissolved in early 2003.

In fact, an announcement from the consortium specifies that as of January 1, the HomeRF Working Group has not developed, promoted or supported multiple HomeRF products. The closure of the Internet site certifies the end of HomeRF, as certified by the provider Kavi.

Recall that HomeRF and WiFi have long enjoyed equal credit in the specialized press as two equally credible contenders in the field of wireless network communications. In reality, however, this equal credibility ended when wireless began to become a concrete and commercial reality. Driven by some big manufacturers, including Apple in the front row, WiFi took off almost immediately while HomeRF was late. A delay that later proved fatal because the proliferation of WiFi "spots" and IEEE 803.11b products dealt a fatal blow to the competition.

The decisive wound came from Intel's defection, made official in early 2002, passed weapons and baggage from HomeRF to WiFi. After Intel, Proxim, who was the last significant significant partner in the field of HomeRF networks, left the boat that was already going to the bottom.

The standard now remains available to universities that want to study it and expand its use for academic purposes.