HomePod mini looks closer to launch

HomePod mini looks closer to launch

In the United States, discounts on Apple's smart speaker are not uncommon, on the contrary, but lately the multinational of Cupertino has increased both the offers and the economic weight of the promotions: according to some observers Cupertino seems to be doing everything possible to reset warehouse stocks in view of the launch of a mini version of HomePod.

A first special discount for employees already appeared in April of this year, with the possibility of purchasing up to a maximum of two half price units, instead of the list price of $ 299. Recall that at the launch that took place in 2017 HomePod was proposed at 349 dollars later for it revised the downward price bringing it to 299 dollars.

homepod 2 concept 1concpet of a mini HomePod

Also in the USA, often offered at highly discounted prices both on Amazon and at the main electronics retailers in the country. Now Mark Gurman reports that Apple has further strengthened the discount for employees who can purchase up to a maximum of 10 Half-price HomePods. The journalist has always boasted excellent connections within the multinational of Cupertino: in his post Gurman does not indicate an incoming mini HomePod, but the existence of the project and Apple's plan to launch it by the end of this year has already been anticipated in recent months.

Cupertino would be working not only on a more compact and cheaper mini HomePod, but would also plan to launch it with an important operating system update that will enhance smart functions, integrated operation with other third-party music services and also Siri functions.

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