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Hitachi, 1.8 GB 40 GB HD

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Hitachi, 1.8 GB 40 GB HD –

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Hitachi "celebrates" the finalization of the joint venture with IBM with the launch of a new 40 GB 1.8-inch Travelstar Compact series disk.

The HD, called C4K40, compatible with the SFF8111 standard, and has interesting performances: 4200 rpm, a density of 67 million bits per square inch and low energy absorption. A 20 GB version is also available.

The disc in physical size and performance is very similar to what Apple uses in iPods and could represent a valid alternative in case, indeed, Apple decides to introduce a model with video capacity. The maximum 20 GB allowed by Toshiba's MK2003GAH, the largest of those used in the MP3 player, are in fact few for a device that should also handle movies and photographs as well as audio and, predictably, also be able to load software and applications. various nature. Even the timing for the announcement of the album (which took place yesterday) would suggest some relationship with the Macworld news.

The only problem represented by the availability of the disk which is set for next April. A little too far for Apple's needs.

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