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Historical record: 600 thousand pre-orders for iPhone 4 in one day

Historical record: 600,000 pre-orders for iPhone 4 in one day – Macitynet.it

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In the first day of pre-orders only, Apple registers over 600 thousand pieces booked, an impressive quantity even higher than Cupertino's expectations. The numbers come directly from Cupertino at the dawn of a day that is not an easy day, with reservations blocked, and after another, yesterday's, where tens of thousands of customers, especially in the US, have encountered problems during the pre-order or failed to complete the procedure.

Apple and partner operators have recorded pre-orders for over 600,000 iPhones 4 – Apple says in an official note – It was the largest number of pre-orders that Apple has ever recorded in a single day and has been much higher than we expected, resulting in malfunctions in the order and approval system. Numerous customers were not served or abandoned the frustration process. We apologize to everyone who has encountered difficulties, with the hope that they will try again or visit an Apple store or an operator's shop once iPhone 4 is available.

600 thousand orders in a single day are, in fact, a huge number for a phone that is not yet on the market and that customers are practically buying in a closed box and which, moreover, was available for pre-order only in 5 countries in the world. Compared to this figure, the increase in delivery times for those who order today and in the United States and in the United Kingdom is also understandable.

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