Hilton hotel, the room opens with the smartphone

Hilton hotel, the room opens with the smartphone

By 2016 all the hotels in the chain will be equipped with a security system to unlock the doors with the phone

(Photo: cromely)(Photo: cromely)

4200 hotels for an investment from 550 million dollars spread over two years of work: the Hilton chain intends to revolutionize and make access to its rooms safer by replacing the magnetic card system, which has already proved to be deceptive on several occasions, with one that is more advanced and simply requires the possession of a smartphone.

It will be enough to bring the phone to the door of your room to unlock it, without having to swipe cards or carry bulky keys with the fear of forgetting them in the room. Just like already tested by HotelTonight, the app to book last minute rooms – in this case with the possibility of going directly to the room, completely skipping the registration phase at the desk.

Even the Hilton app will allow you to quickly carry out other practices such as booking, check-in and check-out. Not yet clear on the other hand what kind of technology the chain to rely on: the NFC could be a good solution (even if Apple does not currently support it), but the alternatives are not lacking.


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