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Hi-Fi at home on Wi-Fi.

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Philips' innovative Streamium line brings some home devices (albeit hi-tech) to the market that allow wireless use of digital audio / video equipment.

An example is the iPronto, remote control with web connectivity (software to check e-mail and navigate the sites including the possibility of downloading updates for new features) but also capable of controlling home lighting, climate, security cameras , the home network via a small 6.4-inch diagonal touch-screen display.

The wireless standard used IEEE 802.11b and on the peripheral there is also a microphone, speakers for listening to MP3, USB ports and an MMC / SD slot for future applications.

iPronto will cost $ 1,700 in the fall and will compete with the Digital Multimedia Receivers (loudly requested by Microsoft at the recent CES) offered by Sony and HP that take advantage of the IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11a wireless standards.

There are those who suggest that Philips' first attempts at that "zero configuration" interaction that only Apple's technology, Rendezvous, could allow in the near future.

Another example of this kind of products is a South Korean DVD player with wireless connection, the Wisembed iPad 300, also called "Human Centric Digital Experience – Digitally Connected".

MBox ip300 connects to a TV but goes first through the home computer and does it (if desired, since it incorporates an Ethernet 10/100 socket, as well as two USB) wirelessly with the IEEE 802.11b system, the same as the first version of AirPort is however compatible with the new AirPort Extreme.

It is of course a DVD of the latest generation (8x) that also reads MP3, MPEG 4, DivX, XviD, SVCD, CD-R / RW and DVD-R / RW, has Dolby 5.1, Dolby Digital and DTS outputs, support PAL and NTSC systems, support of multi-angle images with additional internet functions: VOD – Video On Demand MPEG 4 (Advanced Simple Profile), KOD – Karaoke On Demand, EOD – Education On Demand, etc in addition to updating apparatus software.

Inside we find a motherboard based on a National Semiconductor Geode SC1200 x86 compatible processor with Intel MMX support, 2D graphics card, Sigma Designs MPEG 4 decoder, two PC Card ports (where to place the wireless card) and 64 MB of memory 168 pin PC100 / PC133.

It would work with Windows CE.NET but also with Linux.

With the wireless connection you can share MPEG 4 and DivX files on the Wi-Fi network.

Further info in the specific PDF (1.4 MB).