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Here is who is 'Worker Bee'

Here is who 'Worker Bee'

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Juan Gutierrez, this is the name to which the investigations of Apple have gone up again identifying him as responsible of the escape of news and images related to the new mouse, to the Cube and to the multiprocessor G4. No other comment has been released, not even if currently the employee still works in Apple or left the job. The same can be said about the position that Gutierrez could have had in Apple, let us imagine however in close contact with the project environments but not enough to have information with a very wide advance, the first rumors were leaked only a few days before the fair, if he had been involved in the phase planning probably took place in the past with rumors in earlier times. In any case, Apple is continuing internal investigations to see if Juan Gutierrez has acted alone or with the complicity of others and prepares papers for compensation for damages that will not be easy to forget.

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