Here is the new Foursquare

Here is the new Foursquare

With the arrival of Foursquare 8.0 the doubling of the famous app that launched the geolocation fashion is completed

And so, almost three months after the announcement, the transition completed:Foursquare, as you know it, no longer exists. The new app available for download (or update) for Android and iOS. As we know, to share your position with the world nowSwarm, for all the rest the original app remains, which for the occasion also changes logo and graphic layout.

(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

Predictably, users' comments on Google Play and the App Store (Windows Phone currently left behind) are mostly skeptical or confused and can be basically summarized as: "But why?"

The reasons for this move we had already explored immediately after the announcement, while the first impressions on the functioning of Foursquare 8.0 are not really negative. In particular the new filters allow you to find second rooms very meticulous criteria, like the presence of outdoor seating or Wi-Fi (as long as your local database is rich enough). If you really can't do without check-in, the individual venue page always contains a direct link to the complementary Swarm app: the transition from one to the other almost instantaneously.


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