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Help | The best CyanogenMod themes for Android L

Help | The best CyanogenMod themes for Android L

While waiting to be able to enjoy the benefits offered by the future CyanogenMod 12, the team of modding, through the utility dedicated to the modification of internal themes for its ROMs, of almost any version, allows you to customize your own and current custom ROM starting to savor the typical Material Design style of Android L, as viewed in the preview versions for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013, as well as for Nexus 4 thanks to the first port revealed in these hours by the modding community.

With the presentation that took place at Google I / O 2014, there are different themes both in the community and on the Google Play Store have begun to offer to provide anyone with the graphic style of the future and upcoming Android release, not all of them to offer complete functionality and faithful reproduction of the concept related to Material Design, this is the reason why it is important to distinguish the best CyanogenMod themes for Android L opting for well-made and unique works, which you can install as common ".apk" to be viewed in the panel "Settings"To the specific item"Themes".

Orange Lollipop: developed by polishchocolate is proposed as one of the best solutions currently available in the panorama of CyanogenMod themes offering you the best of the style of Android L, an interesting and leading solution to be able to experience the sensation of the latest release on any device Android.


Lollipop Lime: belonging to the family of Lollipop Orange this particular theme is classified as an alternative, less static than the style proposed by Google, offering a different color in the Toggles, an aspect recently subject to changes with a specific module of Xposed Framework to provide users with the possibility to set the color variant on a preferential basis, in this case the developer preferred to opt for a more modern "Cyan".


L-Ready Dark: result of the work of Koulis2000 one of the best alternatives among the best CyanogenMod themes for Android L, with a style much closer to the indications viewed at Google I / O, although there is no lack of customizations tending to a circular style proposed in many of the compositional details of the structure of the whole theme.


L-Ready Light: as in the case of the "Lollipop" family, this is also proposed as an internal alternative to the basic L-Ready Dark, the idea of ​​the developer in this case was to offer a chromatic variant to users aiming for a suggestive green and white combination, with alternations really well featured that can not be recommended within these tips to emulate Android L.


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