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Help | The best Android Wear apps

Help | The best Android Wear apps

The progressive spread that the main ones wearable of the sector are getting, thanks also to the support provided by Android Wear, has obviously pushed many developers and services to look with greater interest to the wearable segment, creating specific applications and suitable for a different experience than smartphones and tablets with a already large number of solutions among which appropriate, if you own one smartwatch or next to its purchase, identify the best Android Wear apps. In fact, the publication on Google Play Store of a dedicated section just to Android Wear and, although little is said about it, the growth rate of applications published and developed for the already wide wearables, offering different choice options to users.

Wear Mini Launcher:optimization of browsing on Android Wear, compared to the usual use on smartphones, not yet on levels of easy assimilation for the user and the use of a launcher alternative that simplifies the strongly recommended adaptation. With Wear Mini Launcher you can easily move with specific swype by accessing the app and quick settings quickly |Google Play Store

Kiwi:the use of gestures always useful for navigating between screens or for launching services, with this application your wearable will become the key optimization element to perform all the functionsyou set on the associated smartphone with a few simple gestures |Google Play Store

Swipify:if the use of app calls via swype is one of your favorite modes, then you cannot miss this app, very useful for accessing the last six applications used on Android Wear |Google Play Store

Wearable Widget: one of the best Android Wear applications could not miss such a service through which you can transport any type of widget from yours smartphone or Tablet directly on the smartwatch |Google Play Store

WearFaces:the interface dedicated toclock on a smartwatch represents the primary element of presentation of the same, the customization wearable therefore possible with this dedicated serviceGoogle Play Store

Link Bubble:the services the integratives represent one of the primary functions for smartwatches, offering very useful solutions, among the best Android Wear applications there is no better function than that offered by the following app to preview, the pages viewed on your own browser|Google Play Store

Wear Audio Record:very useful application to activate the functionality of voice recording comfortably from your wrist without arousing particular suspicions in case of needGoogle Play Store

Echo Wear Song Search:in terms of apps dedicated to listening to sound, if you are used to exploiting services like SoundHound or Shazam, the following wrist widget can be very useful and save valuable time for activating the song recognition|Google Play Store

Minum Keyboard:one of the best Android Wear apps to get the keyboard on your smartwatch by enabling you to compose messages without resorting to Vocal recognition|Download

Facebook Messenger:once Minuum Keyboard is installed, the use of this service becomes practically obvious especially if you are used to using it constantly on your smartphone |Google Play Store

WhatsApp Beta:service continues to grow and also expands in the wearable sector, so the famous app of instant messaging from best Android also one of the best Android Wear applications, particularly recommended for those who can not help but be in contact with their friends |Download

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