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Help | How to import Google+ videos to YouTube

Help | How to import Google+ videos to YouTube

The usefulness and centrality on the web of some services offered by Google now known as in the case of YouTube is Google+ which propose, respectively, the first as the main collection center for video streaming and the second, thanks to Hangouts, as a reference platform for live video and streaming.

Just such functionality, on which the Californian company itself wants to work to optimize its mechanisms, led to reason on the possibility of being able to converge the two platforms becoming mutually useful thanks to the identification of systems on how to import Google+ videos to YouTube, recently made available by the same Mountain View giant who wants to push on this possibility.

Import videos from Google+ to YouTube:

Before proceeding, it should be clarified how the import of videos from Google+ to YouTube is subject to them video acceptance rules on the well-known video collection service and does not differ particularly from a common upload maneuver, with the only novelty of being able to take advantage of social media, where it is possible to perform Hangouts is streaming, making the content always available especially if you have an enabled channel.


How to import Google+ videos to YouTube a particularly simple mechanism to perform, for, preferably on a browser in desktop mode that is a smartphone or tablet or a personal computer, the latter the recommended solution to also optimize the upload.

The first step is to access the dedicated area of upload to YouTube and move to the right side where you will find an option marked with the Google+ logo called "Import your videos from Google+“, At this point you will be redirected to the videos contained in your account by selecting the ones to be imported.

Once you arrive at the upload phase on Youtube, such as the common upload, you can refine the title, the description and then proceed to the upload phase which, once completed, will actually make the videos available on your channel. If the latter have not been integrated into any list, or even categorized as private, you must remember to click on the "Completed"To completely complete the import process.

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