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Help | How to create passwords for apps on your Gmail account

Help | How to create passwords for apps on your Gmail account

If the recent guide on the use of verify in two steps on yours Gmail account has intrigued you, especially in understanding the security levels offered for access, then you may find the "app password" function developed by Google for linking accounts to services and devices.

In fact, this is a system that binds your Gmail account, creating a correspondence of accesses, with specific passwords for each individual service that requires access, not to be confused with the services. connected to the Google + account. Using the system of "password for app" you can then create a list of accesses, by devices or desktop services, revoking permissions at any time.

Create passwords for apps on your Gmail account:

Before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify how the use of Gmail account app password, function also known as "Gmail password generator"There is no further security constraint with constant request but an option granted to the individual user when entering his password in a device that he is not sure of safety. It is in fact known how the passwords saved in the registers can be accessible, in this way you will have, together with the activation of the two-step verification, almost total control over access to your Gmail account.


How to create passwords for apps on your Gmail account a simple and fast mechanism, designed specifically for frequent and fluent use by users who frequently change, or test, devices or have multiple devices on their list.

The first step is to go to the "Safety"Of your Gmail account, we can either by directly accessing the pageGoogle login, or by clicking on the item β€œAccount"From any service. Look at the card"Password"And click on the item"Settings"That you will see next to the item"Password for appsβ€œTo have access to the access and permissions management screen.

Password creation settings for Gmail app

In the screen, well underline it, you will not see the permissions already enabled but only the list of passwords created, you will therefore have to browse all the devices and related services to take advantage of this additional security mechanism. For crearepassword for the apps on the Gmail account you will have to select a service item, useful for recognizing the accesses in the future list, from the option at the bottom of the tab "Select Applications"And do the same for the side option,"Select device". In case you want to test the code generated on items not present in the list, just select from one of the two the option "Other (custom name)β€œ, And compose the recognition text.

Once you click on β€œGenerates"You will see the appearance of a pop-up window with an internal code to be used as a password at the time of Google login in some application or service to replace your real account password. The usefulness of this mechanism is revealed mainly on smartphones and tablets, you can in fact add accounts using this system. All the password will be visible in the list, in case of disabling access you can click on "withdrawal"By deleting the permissions granted to the code associated with the name you set, you will cause a logout in the service or device in which it was entered.

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