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HD radio coming to future iPhones and iPods?

HD radio coming to future iPhones and iPods? – Macitynet.it

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A new Apple patent refers to HD Radio, the standard for wireless radio controlled by iBiquity, a company that for some time has launched a hybrid digital system (for the transmission of analog and digital signals) that could be integrated into the iPhone and iPod allowing great flexibility in listening to media. The patent, called "Digital Radio Tagging Using an RF Tuner Accessory" consists of a system that allows you to scan all radio stations or only those that transmit with high quality digital signal. After collecting the information (metadata), the system allows you to further scan the stations based on the content transmitted or other factors and tag the station or the songs transmitted for access in the future or for purchase from a store (Apple, in fact, it offers some similar features in the latest iPod nano with built-in FM tuner right now). The system patented by Apple consists of an external radio receiver that should be fully integrated with the HD Radio, wirelessly transmitting audio and data to be shared, for example, with the car stereo system.

HD Radio is gradually penetrating the market. Zune HD, Microsoft's portable media player, boasts the adoption of this system as one of the points in favor of the iPod. Apple eiBiquity already collaborated in 2007 to integrate the iPod nano tagging system.

For the record, we have to report that in the USA some broadcasters complain of interference caused by the digital signal component: the standard, as we have already said, "hybrid" (analog and digital signals coexist in the same portion of the band) but the subcarriers to the digital ends of one station are likely to interfere with the analog end of the other, and listeners of the other may hear unpleasant rustling.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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