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Harman Kardon, iPod car interface

Harman Kardon, iPod car interface logomacitynet1200wide 1

A display, a control satellite and a stereo system connection interface. Here are the three components that comprise a new iPod connection system for the automotive market. To study it Harman Kardon, known in the field of quality audio market, which plans to launch the product for the autumn.

The accessory that does not yet have a precise name and specifications, is distinguished by the originality of the solution that allows the reader to be used efficiently even while sitting at the wheel. The most interesting detail is the small blue backlit screen that reproduces exactly that of the iPod; the display can be placed anywhere in the cockpit so you can read what the iPod is playing and browse through the playlists. A second component is an extension of the iPod wheel, a small 'satellite' that can also be placed where you want and that has a selection system very similar to the one integrated in the reader. To connect the whole with iPod think a central unit that must be placed hidden in the drawer that is in the dashboard, for example, or in some point not very visible.

The Harman Kardon system can be connected in two ways. The most efficient is the direct entry into the car's stereo system, via a cable connection. You can also opt for an FM signal sent to the car's radio via an integrated transmitter. If this last option were also present on export models, assuming that Harman Kardon decided to send the accessory outside the USA, it could prevent its sale in Italy. As is known in our country, due to legislation that does not distinguish between high power transmission systems and those operating within a few centimeters, this type of connection system is in fact prohibited. To be authorized to use you should in fact pay for the license to use the FM band involved.

In the United States the interface should cost around $ 200. The presentation scheduled for the end of summer or the beginning of autumn.

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