Hanx Writer, Tom Hanks' typewriter

Hanx Writer, Tom Hanks' typewriter

An app that simulates an old typewriter, with a characteristic ticking of the keys and the bell when you go to the head. If it were not for the high-sounding name that accompanies it, it could have been classified as a bad idea, but here is half of Tom Hanks.

Hanx Writer the App that simulates the typewriter. (photo: Apple Store)(Photo: Apple Store)

At the time we had written about the kind of apps that could fall into that category called Jerk Tech, apps that profit from what would normally be considered free. But the universe of applications is so vast that difficult to find a name for each category, for every single facet of this emerging market. A clear example is the app called Hanx Writer for iPad. An application that simulatesan old typewriter, with lots of keys and characteristic sound; it's more: the application was developed with the help of actor Tom Hanks.

As mentioned, Hanx Writer simulates an old typewriter, pure and simple, nothing more and nothing less. It could be considered a sort of "retrotech" dedicated to the nostalgic, but those who have spent hours doing typing lessons certainly did not miss them. In some ways, it is possible to imagine parents who, as happens to those who suffer children of video game titles closely linked to "retrogaming", to show how difficult it was write in their time, can download the Tom Hanks app and install it on their son's iPad. A real shock for the young man. No automatic check, no "delete" key, no "copy and paste" and that annoying ticking that if for many just a memory, for most users of new technologies and something completely new. All we need is the whitebait and we're fine.

From a purely national point of view, such an application would make sense if he replicated the famous "letter 21" of Indro Montanelli, also used by many other big names in Italian journalism, it would have some "cultural" value, but certainly the same kind of audience. In any case, there are those who use the Tom Hanks app, a bit for nostalgia, a bit for general knowledge, even if out of curiosity, given that in a few days it has reached the first position of the App Store . After all, the machine to write an instrument that in its time revolutionized the world of communication with a computer-like impact, given the appropriate proportions, but seeing it return as an application for a tablet does have a certain effect.


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