Hanx Writer, because the Tom Hanks app is at the top of the charts

Hanx Writer, because the Tom Hanks app is at the top of the charts

The application signed by the actor who turns the tablet into a typewriter has been incredibly successful

(Photo: Hitcents)(Photo: Hitcents)

TO Tom Hanks always liked the sound of the fingers on the keys of the typewriter, its charm and the timeless font, but the technology does not know how to give up. The result was the idea of ​​creating aiPad application that turns it into a typing tool. Hanks, in collaboration with the Hitcents developers, made it: the app is called Hanx Writer appreciable the pun on the surname of the actor e hand and, not even a week after the launch, already in pole position on the Apple portalboth in the productivity section and in the general ranking of the most sold.

With Hanx Writer you try theemotion of typing (sounds, character, layout), with the addition of some technological advantages you can share files, attach photos, write on a real keyboard connected via Bluetooth, and above all you don't have to use the whitebait to correct, but just press a button.

THE'free app, but some feature they are charged (if you are tired of the Hanx Prime Select supplied you can choose between the two other machines available, the silent Hanx 707 or the magnificent Hanx Golden Touch).

Here is a video demonstration of the application.


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