Halloween, tanti film da brivido in offerta su iTunes

Halloween, many thrilling movies on offer on iTunes

Thrilling stories of ghosts, witches, aliens, skeletons, vampires and zombies to watch with friends are those of the films proposed by Apple in the Halloween section of the iTunes Store for the scariest night of the year.

Thriller, action and adventure film, fantasy, horror, science fiction and musicals: the proposed iTunes Store for Halloween, perfect for finding the right movie to propose in a thrilling evening in the company of friends or family and for those who do not sees the time to win a movie on the sofa at home at special prices.

For those looking for a title only for the Halloween weekend, the iTunes editorial staff offers rental films at a special price, starting at 99 cents: Alita Angelo della Battaglia, Holmes & Watson 2, The Village, The mystery of the house of time , The Last Watch Hunter, Langelo del Evil, Hotel Transylvania 2 and Miss Peregrine – The house of special kids among the best sellers of the rental section.

For lovers of horror and a thrilling atmosphere, these days of special offers for Halloween 2019 are the right opportunity to find interesting titles for just a few euros. For 3.99 euros you can win It (2017), Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters, Number 23, Alien: Covenant, Ghostbusters (2016), It (original) and The ghost house.

Halloween, many thrilling movies on offer on iTunes

They are on sale for a limited time of 4.99 euro titles such as Hotel Transylvania 3, The Black Tower, The Marshes of Death, The Legend of the Vampire Hunter, Hereditary: The Roots of Evil, The First Night of Judgment, Alien Ee 5 , 99 euros a selection of films like The Head Hunter, The Devil Wears Prada, The House of Jack, Escape Room, Thelma and Suspiria.

meanwhile, the countdown to the arrival of Apple TV + has begun, which also in Italy as in other 99 countries scheduled for November 1, 2019. Apple is investing heavily in TV series and original content for Apple TV +, there is talk of a total budget of 6 billion dollars. All the news on Apple TV + can be found starting from this Macitynet page.

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