Hacking Gmail, with Android you succeed in 92% of cases

Hacking Gmail, with Android you succeed in 92% of cases

Some developers have developed a method to successfully infiltrate Android apps

That Android is not really bombproof, as noted. And now a new warning about security problems comes: a group of researchers from the universities of Michigan and California, Riverside, has developed a method for infiltrate the apps and gather sensitive information, taking advantage of the memory that apps and other processes use to share data between them. This is a structural flaw of Android, but theoretically the weakness that the researchers found could also affect the other mobile os.

In practice, a malicious app that acts in the background able to detect changes in this shared memory, related to the activities that the user performs with other apps (for example, login or sending images). Researchers conducted tests on some software to test their strategy, which proved to be successful with the Gmail app in 92% of cases, with that of Hotels in 83% and with that of Amazon in 48%.


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