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Guitar: a "useful" and easy to play guitar with iPhone and iPod touch

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Guitar: a "useful" and easy to play guitar with iPhone and iPod touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

A lot of guitar emulations on the iPhone have been developed in recent months, even before the availability of "official" Apps and almost all were based on a perfect physical reconstruction of the strings and the keyboard that required good skill both in fingering and in transposition agreements in the top positions. A suggestive but ultimately limiting and impractical effect especially for those who wanted to use the virtual guitar as an accompaniment instrument.

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Guitar uses a simple trick and replaces, perhaps unnaturally but effectively, the composition of the chords on the neck with the pressure of single buttons that correspond to the chords already formed and selected from those to be used in a single song. interface is very flexible because on the one hand we have a library of 1500 chords that we can also customize, on the other we have a dynamic behavior of the "virtual picking" which can vary in volume depending on the position or be sweeter if the symbol is selected of the hand instead of that of the pen.

In addition to this it is possible to activate a series of scales (21 in all 12 keys) or a set of keys in which the notes are confined within the scale. The songs can be saved in a playlist and you can customize the appearance of the keyboard. It is possible to change the intonation to adapt it to that of another instrument and transpose the whole of + or less two semitones. There is even an interface for left-handed people!

The basic equipment already includes a playlist of songs useful to demonstrate the application's capabilities: we find among others Stairway to heaven, Motel California and some very basic pieces such as House of the Rising Sun.

In any case, the cost of the program compared to its negligible potential and trying it requires a minimum "financial" commitment. For those wishing to have a preview of its operation, please refer to the videos below which also shows how to manage custom agreements and playlists

Below is shown how to accompany a song that is playing on your iPhone (or iPod touch) with Guitar

You can buy Guitar directly from this link at the price (at the time of writing) of 2.99 Euros.

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