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GraphPad InStat 3: the statistics assistant.

GraphPad InStat 3: the statistics assistant. logomacitynet1200wide 1

InStat 3.0 a "Statistical Assistant", that is, a tool for data analysis designed to be used by those who, although sometimes needing to use statistical analysis methods, are not statistics specialists but researchers from other disciplines. In this perspective, the top features of InStat 3.0 are speed and ease of use. InStat 3.0 guides the user through the many options available by recommending the most appropriate analysis in the individual case. The Help included in the program contains extensive explanations of each option available with reference to the most typical uses of each analysis model. Also the presentation of the results conceived so as to be comprehensible even to those who have only a basic knowledge of statistics. Each analysis model accompanied by a checklist that allows the user, once completed, to be sure that the analysis chosen is the right one for their problem. The InStat 3.0 data sheet and price are available on the SXST website.

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