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Graphic Porter: how to customize the theme of your Smartphone

Graphic Porter: how to customize the theme of your Smartphone

Nowadays personalize your Android device is no longer a problem, thanks to the multitude of custom ROMs available, unfortunately for none of these it allows you to customize the theme to your liking.

For this we point out Graphic Porter, a utility created by XDA user br.ruan that will allow you to change the theme of your ROM by simply replacing many of the images presented with others created by you or other roms, regardless of the DPI of your smartphone.

Requirements for using Graphic Porter:

In order to use Graphic Porter you will need:

  • A PC with Windows 7 or a later version.
  • Have installed the drivers of your Android device, including the ADB drivers if necessary.
  • Having installed Java runtime environment (JRE) 1.7 most recent oversion on your PC.
  • Root your device.


  • Possibility of creating different profiles for the various devicesGraphic Porter has a configurable function that will guide you in changing the images of the theme, creating a profile suitable for your smartphone, in order to know which images to extract from the other Rome how to manage them for your Android device.
  • Advanced image editorIn addition to being able to edit images with your favorite editor, Graphic porter integrates an image editor to quickly make the most common changes.
  • Flexible import systemWith Graphic Porter it will be possible to import images from altreroms or from your friend's smartphone! the utility will automatically choose the images suitable for your device and, if necessary, resize them. It is recommended not to extract images from smartphones that have less dpi than yours, because enlarging them could result in grainy and quality would be lost.
  • Possibility to interface with your deviceCreate profiles, flash or import images directly from your smartphone connected via USB!
  • Full support for 9-patch PNG imagesColor or resize files.9.png. Graphic Porter will take care not to erase the thin black lines and to clean the images imported from unknown sources.
  • Completely Open Source!

Additional plug-ins for the application:

The following features have been excluded from the main program package because they couldincrease the time needed to create and update profiles,due to the high number of images that need to be processed. For correct operation, it is necessary to extract the files from the archive and copy them to the folderresourcessettingsfunction_config *

  • APK FrameworkAllows you to edit all the images in the framework-res.apk file.
  • APK SystemUIAllows you to edit all the images in the SystemUI.apk file.
  • APK SettingsAllows you to edit all the images in the Settings.apk file.
  • APK ContactsAllows you to edit all the images in the Contacts.apk file.
  • APK DialerAllows you to edit all the images in the Dialer.apk file.


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