Gorillaz free on iTunes also for Italians

Gorillaz free on iTunes also for Italians

Only the Germans cannot enjoy the gift that EMI UK has decided to give to all users of the iTunes Music Store.

A free song by Gorillaz "Demon Days (album sampler)" available for free download from eighteen iTMS on nineteen currently open, only Germany remains for unknown reasons, but both North America (Canada and USA) and European nations ( Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy) were included in the always welcome initiative, so rare in our country.

Certainly it is a mix of 4 minutes and 48 ″ of fifteen pieces of the group, including the last success "Feel Good Inc." (as a fifth sampler on the list) and not of a song made and finished but be satisfied, it is about promotional initiatives and there is so much the impression that the publishers themselves want to test the reception of these experiments with the public, so if many downloads will probably take place in the future new free songs will appear on the iTunes Music Store, including Italian.

It is not necessary to provide any credit card number, even those who have never purchased anything on the iTunes Music Store can simply register by providing their data and will be entitled to the free download, if tomorrow you would like to buy music from the jukebox of Apple will simply need to add credit card information or have a certified gift sent to you for a fixed amount.

Apple is very active in maintaining its leading position in online sales of digital legal music.

Something is moving, for example we are pleased to see once again the Sony initiative with Duran Duran which introduces for the first time the pre-paid gift cards in Italy after the US experiences.

We thank Filippo Sacco for reporting.