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Google's new algorithm, the search engine is revolutionized

New Google algorithm is called Bert

Understand a search query better, interpreting it the way humans understand and communicate it

Better understand the meaning of user side requests when writing to look for something online. The new Google algorithm based on a system called "natural language processing", often abbreviated as "NLP", upsets the search results.

This technology by Google, it would have already been tested and would allow to better understand the more complex researches, that is composed by articulated sentences and with more nouns. His name? BERT, abbreviation of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and will elaborate what we often write in the way we commonly talk to each other, so not with targeted search keys, but with phrases "spoken".

New Google algorithm is called Bert

The system would work through an artificial neural network, a computer model that imitates as much as possible the functioning of neurons (brain cells) and the way they communicate and collaborate with each other.

The example brought to the public (specialized journalists present) by Google researchers this sentence: Can you get medicine for someone's pharmacy? " In Italian it would literally be "Can you take medicine for someone in the pharmacy?"

The old search system would have taken the phrase as an indistinct group of words, according to what it says Pandu Nayak, among those responsible for the Google search system. The new system instead he will be able to understand the context of the sentence, and then understand that that "for someone"Means precisely that the question concerns the possibility of taking medicine for someone that it's not us.

New Google BERT algorithm

How the search would appear before and after the introduction of BERT (source Google)

So BERT-based models will have the ability to take into account the whole context in which a word was used, reconstructing it and analyzing the other words present in the sentence.

Google talks about a change that will affect about the 10 percent of the results pages, with significant changes to the order of the links shown.

The new Google algorithm, BERT, for now it works in English and entered service only in the United States. Google is confident of extending it in many other countriesi over the next few months. As always happens in these cases, Google has not provided much other information on system changes that make its search engine work. BIg G stated that in this case the novelty is the most significant of those made in the past and that it can be considered one of the most revolutionary since the Google search engine was created.