Google reveals our voice searches

Google reveals our voice searches

A study of American users reveals that voice searches are often used, with different requests depending on the age group

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

Bigg has recently commissioned one study to examine the use of vocal researchon a group of young people and adults. Northstar Research, which conducted the analysis, collected the responses of 1,400 Americans, 400 boys aged between 13 and 17 and 1,000 adults.

What did you find out?

55% of the youngest use vocal research less twice every day, while 56% of adults say they feel technology expert thanks to this feature.

Dictate texts instead – according to the most popular use among adults – it is not even among the first six favorite functions by teenagers. Among these, fighting emerges homework help and asking what time is it.

And then again, some significant differences between the two groups. Call your friends seems to be a must for teenagers, while adults prefer to use this type of research to get directions.

Finally, for young people, using voice search is almost natural to control their social profiles. They use it (without any embarrassment) even in the bathroom or in front of their friends.


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