WhatsApp, phone calls are coming too

Google prepares its WhatsApp

Google plans to launch its messaging app in 2015: India will be the first market to test it

According to a rumor released by the Economic Times, Google would be about to launch its own application of instant messaging, currently still under development Google messenger make its debut on the market in 2015 e India will be the first country to test it: with its 815 million mobile connections in fact, destined to become the second mobile market in the world (immediately after China) by 2019.

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<p>The instant messaging sector confirms its strong interest in the search engine giant, still suffering – according to some commentators – for <strong>failed to acquire WhatsApp</strong>, ended up instead in the hands of Facebook thanks to a higher offer of a few million dollars.</p>
<p>Should we therefore expect an extension of the famous Google all instant messaging layer? Next year we will discover the fate of this operation, hoping to test the elusive Google messenger as soon as possible.</p>
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