Google Photo manual face tag

Google Photos adds the manual tag of the people in the images

The facial tagging function is still based on Google's algorithm and its ability to detect a face

Tag people on Google Photos will now be possible thanks to Googledi's implementation of a function that will allow not only face recognition in the image, already present in the system, but give the possibility of tag them manually. And from this premise the problem arises. In fact, facial labelingis still based on the Google algorithm and its ability to detect the face of a person or a pet.So, if you have a photo with only a part of a face or a silhouette, or any other photo in which a person's face is not immediately recognizable, it will not be possible to tag it.

Tag people on Google Photos, when you can

Manual tags will basically only work when Google will detect a face in an image. Whether the face is linked to a profile of people already created in Photos or is a newly recognized face whose photos have not yet been grouped, it will be possible to access the function and edit, name or add a new tag.

How to tag on Google Photos

Google Photo manual face tag

Enter the Google Photos app and search for any image containing people or pets and scroll up or touch the three dots at the top right. An updated panel will open with the Person sectione, avatars of recognized people and an edit icon on the right. If you don't see the pen icon, probably because the function has not yet been implemented, whereas if you don't see the People heading, probably because Google has not detected a face in that particular image.

Touch the edit icon and you will get to a screen with the photo at the top, the thumbnails of the people tagged below it and the faces that are available below it. Choose faces without tags, touching them on the image or in the thumbnails and you will be able to add them to the group or create a new one with the "pi" sign at the top right.

And privacy?

As for privacy, Google automatically scan photos looking for faces only if the grouping function has been activated. Google will not share this information between accounts. Therefore, although facial recognition will probably be used to train Google Artificial Intelligence, theoretically it should not allow Google to go and detect a specific person in a photo uploaded to another Google account. Google clearly states that disabling "face grouping" delete the created face models. Do we believe it?