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Google overtakes Apple by popularity.

With 15% of the global total of votes, the Google brand ranks first in the "Brand of the Year 2002" which the British agency Interbrand / BrandChannel undertakes to calculate periodically at the end of the year in 72 countries among professionals, students and operators of marketing and the web, aged between 26 and 35, very attentive to "brand" issues.

"What is the brand that (positively or negatively) has had the greatest impact on everyday life during the year" the question that thousands of respondents had to answer by helping to draw up the global ranking (which you see summarized in the table below, with green bars, compared with the percentages of the previous year, in blue) but also regional ones.

This year only one new entry in the top ten: the Swedish company Ikea which ranks fifth, the other brands increase or decrease their popularity but Apple (14% of the votes) basically remains immobile in the ranking (with a very slight sign less than in 2001), which saw it excel in the world a year earlier.

The second brand in the world of Microsoft computers but at number 14, the year before it was in thirteenth place in the ranking … in fourteenth place there was Al Qaeda!

In North America, Apple still ranks second (18%) behind the popular Target brand (19%) of shopping malls spread everywhere in that area, third classified Starbucks with its cafés, a ranking unchanged compared to twelve months earlier. The first brand in the world of computers, ranked after Apple, Dell in ninth place, in 2001 was positioned in thirty-second place.

In Europe and Africa Nokia the first brand in the ranking, followed by Ikea and Mini, has changed little since 2001 as the first two positions are unchanged and Absolut vodka was in third place.