(Foto: Google)

Google Maps updates with real-time data on traffic, vehicles and places of interest

Three panels accessible with a touch will offer constantly updated information on what is happening in the surroundings. The update being released

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Google Maps is about to become even more useful. According to what announced by the Mountain View house on its blog, the popular navigation and digital cartography app is about to undergo an update that will make it able to provide useful information in real time on nearby places, traffic and public transportation.

The revolution comes from below: it will be there lower bar of the app in fact to contain the three shortcuts for new featured features. The location symbol brings up a panel full of tips on places of interest nearby, a bit like in the current version of Maps but also adding post offices, ATMs and groceries to bars and restaurants.

The car symbol, on the other hand, puts the traffic information in the area with the timing already calculated to reach the usual places such as home and work and a shortcut for driving mode. The button with the bus will finally display in the cities supported public transport stations in the surroundings, with the list of departing vehicles and the related data on destinations and timetables.

The three panels come constantly updated in real time and based on the location of the smartphone, trying to provide the most useful information to the user without the latter having to ask for it. According to Google, the update being distributed on Android smartphones, although not yet clear if the functionality will be activated by downloading a new software package that will be made available through the Play Store or if it is a change on the server side: to find out, just wait .


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