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Google Maps updated but not for iPhone and iPod touch

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Google Maps mobile, the mobile version of the popular Mountain View software, has received an update, implementing two functions already available in the desktop version: Street View and pedestrian maps. For the first time, however, these new features are still not available for iPhone and iPod touch owners, stuck to the usual version of Google Maps.

Street View has already been discussed extensively: the functionality allows a zoom on the detail of what is present on the street, with all the privacy issues that Google has had to face to make the service as discreet as possible.

Pedestrian maps, on the other hand, allow you to calculate the route between two specific points on the map through a path for pedestrians, which takes into account all the roads that can be traveled on foot, with lots of time frames.

As mentioned, these features are currently available only for RIM users and other Java phones for those who own an iPhone and an iPod touch, remaining equipped with the previous version of Google Maps. However, the next update is likely to align Apple's devices with others.