Google Inbox, how to enter without an invitation

Google Inbox, how to enter without an invitation

Just a few simple steps


When emails are too many, managing the most important messages becomes complicated.

This is why Google launched Google Inbox, a service still accessible only on Invitation, able to read mail for us, highlighting the more relevant information.

In fact, Google Inbox is able to show us directly the most important passages of the body of the email, such as train and flight schedules, invitations to events and photos. To these he adds related information, such as a possible delay of the train reported on the web. Furthermore, it organizes events and appointments in a sort of list open to possible changes.

Very useful and interesting, but we come to us.

Here's how to access it if you're not in the "guest list".

How can I register if nobody invites me?

1. Install Inbox on your device;

2. Add the Google account of someone who already has access to the application: Settings> Accounts> Add account> Google;

3. Remove the Google account nontuo;

4. Enjoy yourself with Google Inbox!


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