Google Hangouts, VoIP calls arrive on Android

Google Hangouts, VoIP calls arrive on Android

The new application for Android also allows you to integrate Google Voice, where the service is active

This year Google Hangouts is keen to surprise its users and pulls a lot of interesting news out of the hat: first of all, undoubtedly Google Voice integration. This update allows Google Voice users to receive messages and send calls through the Hangout application.

GoogleVoice.001 "src =" "width =" 600 "height =" 335 "/> Hangouts was launched now more than a year ago and the premises of that time have been respected, while Google Talk and Messenger have gradually been integrated into Hangout itself, <strong>Voice remained outside and stalled</strong>. This week instead came the long awaited news: Google Voice is already starting to work for all Hangouts users.</p>
<p>For a long time Google Voice has been left in a corner, mainly due to major problems related to the operation of the app itself: <strong>inability to send messages, bad user interface and frequent block</strong>. And this kind of problems that the integration with Hangouts should solve. Hopefully at least.</p>
<p>But there is also another important news at Hangouts: <strong>a brand new Android app</strong>with the possibility of making calls with the VoIP system.</p>
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Besides being "very very green", the interface of the new simple and intuitive app, and there is also the possibility of downloading a new one Hangouts Dialer that allow users to have a direct link to VoIP on their home screen.


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