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Google Googles soon on iPhone

Google Googles soon on iPhone – Macitynet.it

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In a recent interview, Google project manager Shailesh Nalawadi revealed that the Google Goggles application will also soon arrive on the iPhone OS. For those not aware of it, Googles is a visual search tool for Android, which allows you to identify an object and discover information simply through images: in fact, just photographing a work of art or a monument and inserting the photo inside of the application, which will analyze the image and search for information about the object represented directly on Google. Nalawadi admits that technology is still in an early stage of its development, and that it currently recognizes only extremely famous environments, logos and works of art.

Among the various functions of Goggles there is also the possibility of reading bar codes or converting newspaper pages and business cards into digital text. The new libraries released to developers with iPhone OS 4.0 will allow Google to convert technology more easily on Apple devices, although an application release period on the App Store is not yet known. Who knows, we won't know more at the Worldwide Developers Conference, to be held next Monday in San Francisco.

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