Google pronta a donare altoparlanti Smart a persone con paralisi

Google gives 100,000 Home mini to paralyzed people

Google has made one hundred thousand Google Home Mini units available for paralyzed people. If in fact the Smart speakers are a great convenience because they allow us to manage the home or access the web for quick searches using only the voice, these tools can be really indispensable when using them are people with disabilities that prevent movement or correct use. of your body.

Thanks to the partnership with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation – a charitable association founded to finance research and development for paralysis treatments and treatment but which also works to improve the quality of life of the disabled – the MountainView company has launched a program that allows users to request a Smart speaker from the Google Home Mini line without spending a single euro.

Google ready to donate smart speakers to people with paralysis

This idea stems from the fact that Google's Nest team receives dozens of emails every day from people with enthusiastic disabilities of their Smart speakers as they would have made them more independent. Emails also show that although life in wheelchairs is difficult just about everywhere, the biggest impediments are often found right at home.

If in fact it has not been built or renovated by eliminating all the architectural barriers that can prevent full control of the structure by a person with disabilities, managing for example the light switches or a thermostat will not be easy at all since they are normally positioned too high high for those sitting in a wheelchair.

Therefore an intelligent speaker like the Google Home Mini can really turn the situation around, thus offering more practical access to all the Smart devices installed in the house or to the phone book to call a family member or your assistant in case of need.

In order to apply for it, four requirements must be met. That is, you must really be a person with paralysis (and prove it with the necessary documentation) or your assistant, not having already submitted the request and living in the United States.