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Google Fit, the best pedometer for Android: this is how it works

For just over a week, the Colossus of Mountain View released on the Play Store Google Fit, a free application of the category health is fitness, whose primary purpose is to allow owners of smartphones and tablets to monitor the goals set during training sessions.

How does it work Google Fit? We are in the presence of a pedometer that acts in the background, that is, while remaining hidden in the mobile device, it remains active all the time, detecting all the movements made throughout the day. Does the user walk to the office? Do you love to train in the morning by bicycle? On the weekend used to running outdoors? Google Fit monitors all movements.

For the correct use of this category application health is fitness, simply connect it to the Google account, following the installation (Android 4.0 or later required). In some respects, there are various analogies with applications of the caliber of runtastic and of Runkeeper. Therefore, the competition in the sector will certainly not surprise the readers of this article. The function that ensures the combination of training and user health data is very similar to the application Health of iOS 8, since the detection of movements takes place through the sensors of the smartphone.

Google Fit health fitness Android

At the end of the day, the user (ooops athlete) can check the number of steps taken in relation to the target set upstream and other additional information, such as the number of calories disposed of. The beauty that all movements can be viewed by connecting on

The user of Google Fit also has the opportunity to monitor the progress made day by day, being able to count on a series of suggestions on how to further improve their performance during thework out. Those who want to know how much movement has been made over a precise period of time can count on detailed statistics that will show the results in the form of graphs.

To conclude, Google Fit is the best pedometer on Android, to be used especially on smartwatches with Google Wear.

Download link: Google Fit

PS: in the last hours RunKeeper has updated itself, introducing support for Google Fit.

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