Google rimuoverà le icone che da alcuni giorni appaiono quando si esegue una ricerca

Google experiments with website icons in search results

Since January 13 of this year, Google has added tiny icons to search results. These are "favicons", small icons that should be relevant to the content of the related website.

Big G explained that this is a new part of a plan that should better clarify where the information you are about to click on comes from. Developer guidelines have also been created, with instructions on how to implement favicons to show in searches.

Many users did not like these "favicons" and there are also those who report confusion, explaining that it is not easy to distinguish sponsored links from non-sponsored ones.

In the face of controversy, Google has decided to slow down the experiment and in the coming weeks, some Internet users will not see these small images in the same place where they are now.

Google will remove the icons that have been appearing for a few days when performing a search

Bi G explained that the idea was to simplify life for mobile device users. "This design has been well received by users with mobile displays, it helps them see more quickly where the information comes from and recognize the" ads "tag in general in search results."

Website publishers also apparently appreciate the possibility that their brand is displayed on the results page. Many users insist and report that only a ploy to increase revenue by encouraging you to click on sponsored links.