Man found with Google Earth

Google Earth Search helps find a missing man 22 years ago

William Moldt's decomposing remnants remained "tied" to the driver's seat of his new-found car after it had been in a pond for 22 years

Man found with Google Earth. Thanks to digital map service, the cadaverescheletrico of was not found again in the years to surprising discoveries William Moldt. The man was considered missing since 7 November 1997, the day of his last sighting in Lantana, Florida. Moldt was no longer back home after spending an evening at a nightclub. The police investigation, opened immediately after the disappearance, had given no results for all these years.

Man found with Google Earth, the discovery

Man found with Google EarthThis Google Earth image shows William Moldt's car in the pond of Moon Bay Circle in Wellington, in Florida. Family members had raised the alarm immediately after William had not returned from the evening spent with friends. The man, then in his forties, had called his girlfriend7 November 1997before completely losing his traces. Investigations by investigators they have never been successful and since then he had considered himself missing.

Then the incredible discovery of the car. Last August 28th the Palm Beach County police receives a report of a car falling into a pond at Moon Bay Circle, not far from Moldt's home. An online database reported that an appraiser would have seen the car while using Google Earth. The car was visible in a satellite photo of Google Earth from 2007, but nobody was noticed until 2019.

New update of the Google algorithm that rewards original news

It is not known how the car ended up inside the pond. Friends and acquaintances tell that Moldt had never had problems with alcohol or drug abuse. Even if it seems that on the evening of the disappearance he had raised a lot the “bar”. In response to the discovery of the car, the police commented that there was no signal of the car until it became visible due to a lowering of the water level of the lake .

One more man found with Google Earth. And of people disappeared and then found again in the same circumstances thanks to his help and his operators there have been over the years. Cases in which technology truly serves man.

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