Google Duo

Google Duo, group video calls for the desktop version

Increased the maximum number of users who can participate in video calls and added features in family mode with other features

Thevideo call apphave existed for years, but in recent months, complicit in restrictive measures to combat coronavirus, their use has grown exponentially.Google Duo, application for video calls and mobile chat developed byBig G is preparing to get severalnovelty.

Over the weekend the Mountain View team confirmed the arrival of thegroup video callsfor the Google versionDuoaccessible from desktop browser. So without having to use other applications. To join a group, interested parties will still need to have a Google Account.

At first the only momentbrowsercompatible with the new sarChrome, then the support will be extended to other navigation software. A link will be enough to invite someone to join the communication. You could go as far as32 participantsconnected simultaneously within the same virtual room, many more than the 12 allowed today.

Also available family mode, which will allow even the little ones to have fun in a video call. In particular, you can activate a digital whiteboard and create somesimple drawings, without risking disconnecting the video call by mistake. All participants will be able to watch the creations livemaskswith which to make the conversation more original. And there will also be abutton to take the screenshotthe screen during a video call. Exact rollout timing has not yet been provided, but weeks are discussed.

Google Duo

According to data published by Google in oneofficial note, they would be over10 millionpeople who sign up for Google Duo every week. In addition, in recent times the app would have recorded almost 180% of messages sent in more, which passes to 800% in the regions most affected by social distancing.Record data, which confirm the will of the giant to help people akeep in touchwith loved ones at this difficult time.

After making it free Google Meet, the corporate platform owned by Google that allows you to organizegroup video conferencesup to 100 participants, another Big G move to ride a remote communication system that is enjoying great success.