Google Duo family mode, soon on the web, challenges Zoom and competitors

Google Duo family mode, soon on the web, challenges Zoom and competitors

In the midst of a pandemic, there is yet another Google tool to keep in touch with the family, recently updated for this purpose: with the latest version of Google Duo for iPhone, iPad and Android, in fact, Family Mode has been introduced with the specific purpose of facilitating video calls between grandchildren, children and grandparents.

The benefits of activating it during a call are different. First of all, the buttons are hidden to hang up and to deactivate microphone and audio, so that the frenzy of the little one who sees the grandmother on video does not make communication in fits and starts: who has a small child who tastes video calls these days, will certainly know what are we talking about.

In addition to this convenient function, another couple of goodies have been added that can make the exchange in video more fun. There are in fact some effects in reality increases (AR) that can be used to temporarily and virtually mask the child in an astronaut or in a cat, and there is also a special effect on Mother's Day theme to be able to make greetings in videoconference really details.

Google Duo now with family mode for doodling and playing with AR

Children can also fiddle with a virtual palette to draw in real time with their finger on the screen and thus give a digital souvenir to their grandparents in a video call. And as always – Google recalls in the blog post announcing this update – video calls are protected with end-to-end encryption thus ensuring that everything that happens during communication remains private between you and your loved ones.

But perhaps the most interesting news will arrive in a few weeks. The Internet giant has announced that it is working on a system to allow group calls via Google Duo via the web interface, without necessarily having to install any application. It will initially be available only through the Google Chrome browser and will allow you to communicate between more than two accounts simultaneously.

The Google Duo app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded for free from this App Store page, or for Android from here on the Google Play Store. All macitynet articles that talk about Google are available from this page.

Furthermore, participating in a video call will also be easier because, just as other competing services already offer today, you can invite people by sharing a simple link. In short, in addition to Zoom and Skype, you will have yet another alternative for video calls in time of quarantine (but also after). By the way, have you read our 10 useful tips for video calling between iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Android and Alexa?