Google Chrome, goodbye to too heavy ads from August

Google Chrome, goodbye to too heavy ads from August

Google Chrome will stop uploading advertisements that require too many system resources: a new chapter of the "Better Ads" initiative that aims to reconcile the needs of the advertising world with those of the Internet users. It has been talked about for some time, but now there are the first indications on precise dates and functioning.

The initiative is aimed primarily at the so-called cryptominer, which exploit the computing power of the user's device to extract cryptocurrencies, but not only: Google also mentions those that are poorly programmed or not optimized in terms of data consumption. The screenshot alongside demonstrates how unfilled ads of this type will appear.

Specifically, each ad will have a limit of resources at its disposal. These limits were determined by analyzing all the advertisements uploaded by Chrome, and they are as follows:

  • Maximum 4 MB of internet data
  • Maximum 15 seconds of CPU usage in a 30 second period
  • Maximum 60 seconds of total CPU usage

Google notes that only 0.3% of ads to date exceed these limits, but overall they represent 27% of all data traffic and 28% of CPU usage of advertising.

In the coming months, Google will start testing this solution, and then release it in the stable channel around August. According to the official calendar, there is therefore talk of Chrome 85, which is expected to arrive on August 25th.