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Google accused by its employees: "You are spying on us"

Google spy app on Chrome

The spy tool to eliminate worker dissent would have been installed in the Chrome browser of computers

Some Google employees have accused the company to have installed on their stations an extension to monitor the organization of any union meetings. A spy app to monitor the most restless workers. According to what reported byBloomberg, the company is accused of having developed an extension for theGoogle Chrome browserinstalled on Google employee workstations that monitorerebbeany activities ofprotestorsimple union meetingsto discuss their rights.

The task of this spy app / tool would be to notify when a staff member creates an event involving 100 or more participants and occupying over 10 rooms.

The official position of the company instead totally different. It would serve exclusively to prevent organizational problems arising: "These statements about the operation and the purpose of this extension are categorically false. This is a reminder popup asking people to be aware before automatically adding a meeting to the calendars of a large number of employees. "

Google spy app on Chrome

The conflicting opinions of the instrument underline the growing tension among the top management of Google and its employees. On 21 October, hundreds of workers in the Google office in Zurich held an eventual workers' rights, despite the attempts of their managers to cancel it, and last month Google's contract workers in Pittsburgh voted to unite them United Steelworkersthe most important American metalworkers' union to getmore protection.

For the past 18 months, google employees have been protesting the management's handling of sexual harassment complaints and have launched internal campaigns against some Google projects, including a censored search engine in China and a contract with the Pentagon to analyze drone footage.

What to say. We often think of Google as a place where everything is beautiful and perfect. A sort of toy town. And instead, what glitters isn't gold …