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GoodReader, the all-rounder for document management on the iPad

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In addition to digital books iPad can be used to consult a wide range of documents: while for ebooks in Epub format we can use free iBooks from Apple, to manage and read documents in other formats it is necessary to use a third-party app. GoodReader in addition to being one of the very first to be released in iPad version available at an affordable price, only 79 cents on the App Store, also offers a full range of functions.

GoodReader supports all major formats for documents With GoodReader we can view TXT and PDF files even of large dimensions, even larger than 1GB, also the app allows you to manage and view the main file formats created with Microsoft Office such as .doc, Power Point presentations .ppt, sheets of Excel .xls calculation. To these formats are also added the documents created with Apple's iWork: GoodReader compatible with the formats used by iWork version 2008 and also 2009. The list of supported documents along and includes HTML files and Web pages created by Mac OS X in the web archive format, finally GoodReader displays all types of files supported natively by iPhone OS without problems, including images, audio and video files.

GoodReader iPad

Complete functions for transferring and managing documents GoodReader offers a complete set of tools to transfer and store documents in the memory of our tablet. There are two simpler procedures: transferring from the computer via iTunes and direct download of documents via the integrated web browser. With the first system just connect iPad to the computer, in iTunes we choose iPad among the connected devices in the list on the left and finally highlight GoodReader in the Document Sharing list below. At this point you can drag any type of file managed by the app into the list displayed on the right.

Alternatively, directly from the iPad GoodReader, we can browse our favorite sites and specify the program to download and store the associated documents. We also remind you that GoodReader allows you to store documents attached to our emails and able to access MobileMe and all online storage services based on WebDAV technology. The possibilities offered for file transfer are really complete, in fact with GoodReader we can also take advantage of the Wi-Fi network. The procedure is somewhat cumbersome but identical to that used by numerous iPhone and touch utilities. GoodReader provides the user with a web address that must be entered in the computer browser: from here you can then load the desired documents into the iPad memory

Once the files are stored in iPad, we can also manage and organize them at our convenience: GoodReader allows you to create folders in which to store documents, essential for managing them when the number of files begins to increase.

GoodReader iPad

GoodReader iPadGoodReader iPadGoodReader iPad

Viewing and managing documents When we launch GoodReader we have a main screen divided into three distinct sections. In the larger one on the left, the complete list of all documents stored on the tablet is available, in the upper right there are the sections preview, file search, file management and Web download. In the last pane at the bottom right is displayed for entire section chosen by the user. Although GoodReader offers an extensive and complete set of functions, it is easy to use. To open the file just a tap, also with most documents the commands to advance and proceed in reading are similar to the standard iPad. Things get a little complicated when instead we have to work with unformatted text files or spreadsheets that also extend horizontally. In this case, GoodReader divides the screen into 7 distinct areas that offer different functions depending on where the user taps. This arrangement of commands is used to scroll documents in all directions and also to go to the previous or next page. The arrangement and operation of the controls is not immediate for users accustomed to the ease of use of iPad and derives from a control system designed for iPhone and touch.

For unformatted PDF documents, the inconvenience can be easily avoided thanks to the re-flow function. GoodReader capable of reformatting all the text of a document in order to view it all within an iPad screen, thus making the little immediate navigation system superfluous. For the other files and in general for the navigation system for documents that develop a lot even horizontally, the developers assure that the control system will be completely revised from an iPad perspective and made available with an upcoming version of the app.

Conclusions Ultimately considering the low purchase price and the features offered GoodReader remains a highly recommended app for all users who want to take advantage of iPad to always have with them and consult a wide range of documents. For the vast majority of files, the scrolling and navigation system, although not as elegant and immediate as that of iBooks, is functional and practical. We may encounter some problems when dealing with spreadsheets and files that often require scrolling left and right. In this case, some practice is needed to become familiar with the control system. This is until the new version with revised controls in the iPad perspective is released.

Pro View and manage many types of files and documents Various possibilities for synchronization and download Easy to use and practical to view documents Price content

Versus The controls are still iPhone-style and need to be adapted to the iPad

Prices and availability GoodReader available on the App Store in the version for iPhone and touch at 79 cents. For those interested in a trial, but only for iPhone and touch, the free version GoodReader Lite is also available. The iPad version reviewed here proposed on the App Store at 79 cents.

GoodReader iPad

GoodReader iPad

GoodReader iPadGoodReader iPad