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Goodbye to the PowerMac G4 tower servers

The birth of yesterday's new G4s also led to a farewell: that of Apple's 'traditional' servers.

Tower machines, designed specifically to manage the networks that Cupertino continued to keep on the list despite the launch of Xserve last spring, probably disappear forever. Therefore, those who want to have a CPU with specific server characteristics will have to turn to Xserve.

The fully understandable choice. Tower servers were now quite similar to normal desktops. The small details of difference could be bridged with the customization allowed by both the Apple Store and retailers and it made little sense to keep them in the list.

Anyone who is nostalgic for the use of the particular stylistic "format" and does not intend to turn to Xserve, in any case, perfectly capable of building a server tower by exploiting the current possibilities of custumization. Apple has also put on line a pop-up that allows you to purchase the server version of Mac OS X for all the G4 that now, moreover, take advantage of the architecture of Xserve.

It is very likely that few customers will orient themselves on this choice, preferring, if they really need a machine for networks, the power, flexibility and standard dimensions of Xserve.