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Goodbye Italian Mac keyboard

Goodbye Mac Italiana keyboard

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As the days go by and the new hardware flows into the sales channels, it turns out that the changes made are not as epidermal as someone prematurely ruled. In recent days, Macity has already noticed some, but one of those that others will influence our way of relating to the machine we are notified today by Filippo Bellotti di Silene. "I don't know if you have already had the chance to notice it – Filippo tells us – but the new Pro keyboards have the layout of the PC keyboards. In practice, whoever acquires the new Macs in New York will have to get used to dealing with the infamous "Qwerty" (instead of the familiar Qzerty) of the other world ", with a small number and punctuation above, the" M "after the" N ", etc. etc … "The change is promptly recorded also in the men of the" Keyboard "control panel. In addition to the usual Italian flag there is also a new option which, again next to the tricolor flag, shows the writing Italia – PC. The adoption of the new layout has advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, a new step towards standardization with the PC world. At some offices where the standard Windows-based computer the fact that Macs had a different keyboard was always a limiting factor. "In my experience – says Filippo Bellotti – when I tried to offer Mac computers the diversity of the keyboard was always the worst digested thing". In addition, it will now be possible to buy any PC keyboard and configure the key mapping without any problem. Of course you will lose the options (volume and eject of the disk) that are available on the Apple USB keyboard, but for the rest there will be no difficulties today. A disadvantage that, as Filippo tells us, some key combinations seem to be inactive. For example, the apple-shift-3 does not want to work to capture the screen. To get an image of the screen you need to switch to the old layout. In the past, the Mac world has long discussed the non-standardization of keyboards internationally. Some users but also software producers, had even openly asked for the deletion of the differences between the US keyboard and those of other countries considered confusing and complicating at the programming level. This would have led to enormous difficulties, for example the impossibility of directly accessing the accented letters directly from the keyboard. Since the first marketing of Mac products in Italy, Apple has maintained the peculiarity of having identical keyboards to those of normal typewriters refusing to adopt the standard one for PC, born not to write but to program and for tasks more specifically "computer". This factor was particularly appreciated in some environments such as typing and photocomposition which, in particular at the beginning of the 80s, managed to "migrate" staff with little difficulty from old analogue to digital systems thanks to this feature all of Mac computers. Now, however, Apple has evidently deemed this advantage irrelevant and too expensive to continue producing different keyboards. Hence the decision to homologate national keyboards. It would be interesting to know whether the same procedure was followed in other countries, such as in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.

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