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Good news for iPhone, AAPL on the upside

Good news for iPhone, AAPL on the rise logomacitynet1200wide 1

By now clear: Apple's actions live and die with iPhone. in fact, a speech, not even too detailed, by Tim Cook, Apple Coo, during which the sales forecasts for the Apple phone and the promises to launch in new markets were reaffirmed, to project AAPL upwards.

To attribute precisely to Cook and his optimism (in reality never denied in recent days) on the respect of the targets of 10 million phones, to determine a 5.65% increase in the value of Apple's stock. Investors who in recent days had severely punished Cupertino's prices (around -30% over the past few weeks) have returned to buying, convinced that Apple can be a safe haven in a scenario that tends to be dangerously recessionary. Also the now certain announcements of March 6 when Apple should provide some information on the business plans for the iPhone and for the devoloper kit software that Apple is preparing to give the possibility to install third-party applications also incentivize the rounding up of AAPl shares.

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