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GIMP Print 4.2.5 improves printer and plotter support on Jaguar with CUPS

Thanks to the inclusion of the CUPS system within Jaguar, many compatibility problems with the old printers of HP, Epson, Lexmark and Canon have been solved and many previously “prohibited” models can be used with the Mac. The new stable version has full control of the Epson 925, 950, 2100 and includes a new installer for Mac OS X that updates the PPDs of previous versions. Here's how to install Gimp Print.

Check from this list the printers supported by Gimp-print: if your printer is not listed you can make a request for support.

If your printer is supported, download this package which includes over 100 drivers: download it directly from one of the mirrors on this page (DMG file over 5 MB).

You can have the printer automatically detected by the CUPS print server: connect it via USB (even the USB-Parallel adapters seem to work) and restart your Mac.

If you want to do a manual installation, simply launch the Print Center and then press the "Add Printer" key while holding down the ALT key. In this way you will access the advanced mode which will allow you to have many options and to discover the large quantity. 'Driver now "guarded" now by Jaguar … literally incredible!

Select USB from the top menu and then go in search of the various models inserted … obviously these are models based on PCL5, PCL6, ESC P2, Canon, etc. that you previously had to manage with dedicated software such as PowerPrint on Mac OS 9. Select your model and click on Add … now the old incompatible printer is ready to work with Jaguar.

The most recent versions present improvements and new dithering algorithms and the following novelties – High resolution printing with Epson stylus 600, 800, 850, 1520, and 3000– Support for Epson Stylus Photo EX3 andStylus Photo 825– Print The Epson Stylus C20 / C40 / C41 / C42 and Stylus Color 480 and 580 in White / Black or gray levels

– PCL laser printers (pcl-2, pcl-3, pcl-4, pcl-5, and pcl-6), including HP LaserJet and other models now print black correctly and have correct margins on A4 paper – formats page layouts now work with all programs that support them.

Bugs regarding margins with HP plotters, poor quality with Lexmark OprtaE + and pcl-4 were also fixed. the quality print on HP LaserJet 5L which was too light.

For those who print from programs that use postscript for the generation of pages, it is advisable to install ESP Ghostscript 7.05.5 downloadable from the same page (5.5. MB): it is an open-source PostScript interpreter derived from Ghostscript that allows full printing support for Carbon applications on Mac OS X.

A warning: many configuration problems with the PPD files used by the native CUPS drivers did not work (for margin problems, print sizes) have been solved. To avoid the repetition of the problems it is necessary to reset all the print queues and rebuild them with Gimp Print ppd files. The final version 2.4 solves color problems with Lexmark printers, A3 printing is supported on Canon printers, all 6 colors of HP printers are used, and 3200 cx and 5200cx multifunction printers are supported and the Epson Stylus Color 670.

As regards printing on plotters (supported HP DesignJet 230, 250, 430, 450, 455, 488, 700, 2500, and 3500) now the rotated versions of the standard architectural formats (ArchA, ArchB, ArchC, ArchD, and ArchE) in practice you can have the ArchD size (24 × 36 inches) on 91 cm paper. The support of the new HP DesignJets suffers from too light a print that can be solved by increasing the density manually.

Some USB-Parallel adapters (such as those of Keyspan) have compatibility problems like that of Keyspan, the authors recommend trying with different adapters and doing printing tests possibly without going through USB hubs.

In this regard, we would like to point out a handy tutorial applied to the use of an Epson Stylus 1520 printer.

On our forum we have opened a special thread on this topic with the experiences of our readers.